Friday, March 19, 2010

White Hat Equals A New Friend

Frozen yogurts are one of the food trends last 2009 and The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt was one of them. This became one of my favorite palate cleansers, too.

I also love attending The White Hat events like:

Valentine's Day Movie Premiere with White Hat

Blog My Butter Event from The Body Shop


Magic 89.9's White Hat Day

(I posted these events at one of my blogs, Chic & Cheaps)

And then one time, I joined a contest of Dong Ho's Eskapo, where he also wants to have a food trip adventure with strangers at Binondo. Lucky for me as I got a slot and had fun with the other bloggers.

And then one morning, I saw this contest of Kumiko Mae Yasuda of - Chase Beautiful Things - Childish Sweetheart in Facebook, who also wants to meet strangers and had a gustatory adventure with White Hat and her Enjoy vouchers. So I made this post. I want to meet another good friend, have a nice mall trip and have a girly chat with her. I have gone to Shang but never explored Shangri-La Mall yet that's why I also joined.

Wow, I've found a new equation, "White Hat Equals A New Friend".

Click here if you would also want to join:


Kumiko Mae said...

I loooove your blog! Wow I'm pressured ha, you've been to a real blogger meet and foodtrip na pala. I haven't! But lamang ako, Shanri-la Mall is a favorite. I'll practice roaming round Shang before meeting yu, if you win, para kunwari magaling ako magtour:p

No worries though, magaling ako makachika, at least! haha



heartlocks19 said...

haha puro contest pieces laman ng blog ko. ayaw ko kc ilagay dun sa isa kong blog.. for contest land tlga ito...

wow, im excited to meet you K kht hnd ako manalo...

saling kitkit lang naman ako lagi sa mga events... hihi first time to blog seriously kc dun sa

Kumiko Mae said...

:D Maybe we should saling kitkit someday together? :D

I'll try to have you invited to the next White Hat event :D



Kumiko Mae said...

Oh sweetie, don't forget to join my page ok? And please please do recommend me to ur friends. Would love to have more :D

I really appreciate it :)


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