Sunday, March 28, 2010

Generously Greedy's Generosity

Looking for a new freebie blog site? Well, search no more. Add Generously Greedy to your list. It combines social networking contest, blog giveaways and product promotions. You'll never have a hard time blog hopping on different websites just to search for the newest and hottest online contest in town.

Now, to celebrate the success of this blog, G2 Admin is running a contest for his blog readers and viewers. Just repost this contest and follow easy instructions Generously Greedy's blog and win these freebies:

Consolation Prizes: Winners will be randomly selected
1 winner of Holy Seat gift pack from Holy Seat
1 winner of Durex Jacket from Durex
1 winner of Durex Play goodies from Durex
2 winners of Php 100 Globe/Smart/Sun prepaid loads
5 winners of Php 30 Globe/Smart/Sun prepaid loads

Major Prizes: Winners will be randomly selected
1st prize: 1 winner of Php 3,000 worth of Cebu Pacific gift certificates from Medicol
2nd prize: 1 winner of Php 2,000 worth of Ayala Mall electronic gift certificates from Nokia Ovi
3rd prize: 1 winner of Php 1,000 worth of Robinsons gift certificates from Medicol
4th prize: 1 winner of SMART Bro Prepaid Plug-it from SMART
5th Prize: 1 winner of Php 500 worth of Jollibee gift certificate from Jollibee
6th Prize: 1 winner of limited edition 1GB Mentos roll mint USB from Mentos

.....and for the Grand Prize:
1 winner of Nokia 2330** classic from Nokia Ovi plus Php 500 cash for the BEST comment or BEST post!

And for G2 admin's question, "Why do I deserve to lose?", I deserve to lose because I know I reposted this contest well, but other bloggers reposted it earlier than I did. They also have a lot of readers than in my blog, so I think they have spread the word more than I did.

Giveaway Ends: March 29, 2010


generouslygreedy said...

Thanks for joining. :)

ann said...

hi G2 admin, you're welcome... but i think i should be the one thanking you guys for that wonderful contest...

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