Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kumi's Mid-Year Contest

GIVEAWAY HOST: Kumiko Mae Yasuda of Chase Beautiful Things


Plains & Prints GCs

Hush Puppies GCs



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog Review: Home Buddies

Home Buddies

Instead of blog hoping and blog walking during your free time at home or at work, why not take it to a notch higher with reading Home Buddies. Check out this one of the many mixed blog sites in the blogosphere, Home Buddies, as this site gathers and combines categories about blogging, blog advertising, blog contest, health, food, parenthood, product reviews and a lot more. It is a one-stop blog indeed.

Actually, it is my second time to review this blog. The first time was when I joined My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf's anniversary contest. I really enjoyed browsing Home Buddies but it is my first time to read Fedhz's "About" page. Here is what enlightened me and inspired me to read her articles more:

Mike, my boyfriend and best friend coined the title of this blog. I guess he really meant, home bodies (he’s not that good in spelling LOL). Anyway, still we are your home buddies, trying to earn money at home and doing much everything at home.

We’re pretty much at home – watching movies at home, working out at home, and earning money at home. I wish I will be able to share my experiences and somehow you will learn from them.
Aren't they sweet?

This blog is supposed to be a niche blog where I should write reviews of online and offline revenue gigs that I am into. But I thought since this is (which is my nick), I will just make it my personal blog. So what you will find here is mostly about how I see the world, my interests, struggles into keeping fit while being a mother of a hyper tot, and of course, how I am able to earn amidst all these stuff in my hands.
Wow!!! Isn't she great?

Go ahead and browse Fedhz's and Mike's blog now. You will surely love to be their Home Buddies!

Blog Review: Recaptured Moments

If you have read my post about Rachelle's One Day at a Time blog, you will find there that she has seven blogs and one of them is her family blog which is Recaptured Moments.

Recaptured Moments

I salute her for making a family blog. I'm having a hard time to make one because of "privacy issues". I'm thinking that being a family blogger will expose your family on the world wide web. I just try to avoid stalkers, haha.

But by just reading her blog, I was again inspired to make a family oriented blog. And was more inspired after reading her "About Us" page:

This blog is consist of updates on what is going on in our part of the world - our recaptured life and love stories, old but memorable experiences and other events we had.

It's my hope that this blog will keep our relatives and friends informed about what is going on in our lives. It's also my hope that visitors can appreciate what they will read and perhaps learn something from our stories though every blog post will be about personal stuff.

It's also my my hope to gain friends through blogging :)

Aren't you inspired too? She is amazing, right?

Now, here in Recaptured Moments, Rache shares her day to day family activities, special occasions, and I love her Project 365. Visit her blog now to captivated by her life and love and family moments.

*Word Count: 240
*"Join POST… DROP… and win CASH”

Blog Review: Kikamz's Just About Anything

Just About Anything -- Wow, first time to be in her blog and I'm really amazed by her category lists:

Her labels are not the usual blog labels I see from other blogs. What interest me most is her Germany articles because my aunt is in Germany now. I love to read about the country of Germany. When my tita sends us pictures, it always include some of the nice parks in Germany. That is why I can relate to Just About Anything's posts about that country. Other labels are also interesting and I just started reading some of them.

I will surely tell my tita to visit Kikamz's blog.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blog Review: One Day At A Time

Rache The Blogger

Blog Owner: Rachelle

One Day at a Time is one of Rachelle's seven cool public blogs. As the slogan says, it is "just about anything", her memes, musings, random thoughts and a lot, lot more. This is really an inspiring personal blog for me. I really love her "girls talk" blog posts. Through Girl Talker, I get to know more about the bloggers. I just love browsing through their favorite food, book, activity, etc. Rachelle's blog posts are short but really entertaining.

But I wonder how she maintains her "seven" blogs which includes her online teaching portfolio, photography blog, technology blog, travel, e-business, family oriented blog and of course her mixed blog, One Day at a Time. I think she's really busy online. And like me, she also loves joining contests and giveaways and if you want to join blog contests, you can find international contests articles here in One Day At A Time.

Blog Trivia: She is in Saipan. It is my first time to see a blog coming from Saipan, hihi. I hope I can read more about Saipan in her blog.

Go to One Day at a Time to get inspiration from her random thoughts.

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Blog Review: My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf

My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf

For one year, fuses every woman's guide to life, love, reviews, contest and more. No need to search for more. You'll get the help and entertainment you need at this one handy blog for gals and even for guys.

I have subscribed to her blog for two months now, but even before that I have already been reading her memes. I am a witness to her template change from a complicated template to a simpler one. Whatever templates she has, they are still cute on her blog. I also remember that this blog was before and now she has her own domain name.

This purple-ish blog has received a lot of awards from other amazing bloggers in the blogosphere, and I just read her post that she has reached 100+ followers. Yey! Congrats! And I'm really proud of this blog 'cause she is also from Las Pinas. I am also from Las Pinas...

And aside from My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf, I also subscribed to her "I am a Princess... All girls are" blog which is also informative.

Guys and girls, check My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf now to be inspired by her beautiful and awesome blog posts!!!

*Word Count: 202
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Yashiro's POST...DROP...CASH Blogiversary Contest


For two years, Yashiro of has put colors to the life of every Filipino locally or internationally. Yashiro's blog provides better online convenience as it is complete with blogs about parenting, toys, food, events, movies and most of all Daddy Day Care.

And now, in celebration of his second blog anniversary, he is hosting a point system contest for his avid followers and readers.

Now, hats Off to Yashiro's Sponsors:

Primary Sponsor

My Thoughts, My Heart, My TurfRache The Blogger
Secondary Sponsors
Recaptured Moments
Tertiary Sponsors
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Other Sponsors
The Positive LifeKikams BlogspotSypperaGrab shell DudeYashirokuru Online!


* First Prize - $60 Through Paypal
* Second Prize - $30 Through Paypal
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* Scrapbook Supplies - worth $20 - - Momgen's Corner - ship anywhere Scrapbook supplies - worth $10 - - Momgen's Corner - ship anywhere
* Plus other prizes.

Giveaway Deadline: June 12, 2010.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

"What will I do if I will win $100?"

$100? That will be more or less P4,600, right?


Okay, I'll divide it into three parts...

P300 - Buy a blouse or bag. I updated my dress last December pa... hayyzzttt

P1300 - I'll treat my family somewhere in Boni High Street or Serendra, Polu Kai maybe. Polu Kai really has big servings which is good for my family who really has big appetite, hehe. They also haven't experienced going to Bonifacio Global City so that would really be a great treat for them.

P3000 - Savings

I really allotted a big amount for my savings now 'cause I want to have a digicam or any Nikon point and shoot camera...

This is my official entry to: Living Life to the Fullest $200 Thanksgiving Contest!

Noel & Levy's Thanksgiving Contest

"Sharing." This is what this contest is all about. It's and Noel's time to give and share their blessings. Last year was a blast for them in joining online contests and now they are the ones hosting a contest for us.

They prove me again that bayanihan spirit lives on... online bayanihan... If they need help with the votes, online friends are there to support and vice versa. From joining this contest, I also realize that some friendship nowadays starts on the world wide web, and I am a living proof to that.

Now here are the sponsors who made this contest possible and again a BIG THANK YOU for them:

Designer's Depot
Mga Kwentong Maalamat
Hearts content of a Mama
My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf

Pensive Thoughts
Spread the Word!
Pinkville- Pink and Magic Convergence Zone
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BHO: Blogurdian Hellsite Overcrashed
Earn Money Online with Red
My Red Hot Reviews
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All About Life

Anything Baguio
My Random Best
Tricks of Magician
Mom Fashionista
Travel Junkie Mommy
Reviews Inc.
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Camera Sexy
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Kitchen Trips

Llamas Journal - Ad space
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Wonderful World of Peachy- Ad space
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1st Prize: $100

2nd Prize: $30

3rd Prize: $20

4th & 5th Prize: $10 each

Consolation Prize: $5 plus AD SPACES will be raffled to 5 people
also the first 5 people to blog about this contest will automatically get $3 each.

CLICK HERE for the Contest Mechanics:

CONTEST PERIOD: June7-June 30, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Manila Fitness Yogitoes Mat Towel Giveaway!

Last March, Manila Reviews gave away Starbucks syrups and I won. And now, to celebrate June Fitness Month, Manila Reviews and Manila Fitness will give away Yogitoes Mat Towel (worth P2,500) to one of their lucky readers.

For a chance to win the Yoga Mat Towel:
1. Search for Manila Reviews Facebook account and invite it as a friend. Go to the Manila Reviews (Group) and Manila Fitness (Group) in Facebook the click on “Like”.
2. Go to’s Fitness Inspirations Tab and add a fitness quote, motivational words or even fitness goal stories to inspire others to stay on track towards achieving their fitness goals.
3. Go to Contact Us page and leave the the following:
a. Your Complete Name
b. Your Email Address
c. Subject: Fitness month promo
d. Message portion: An empowering statement. hehe! (e.g. I am a sexy, beautiful writer! or I am an awesome basketball player!)

Giveaway Deadline: June 30, 2010.

Good luck yoga buffs!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

PhilOrganics First Ever Giveaway!

Have you tried any organic beauty products? When I first heard about it, I thought organic is only applicable to farming... haha not this time 'cause PhilOrganics (Human Nature) is here. They have created chemical-free, safe and affordable organic and natural personal care products.

My dear friend is dealer of these products which range from hair care, face and lip care, body care, hand and foot care and kids' products. We love the
Lip Balm PEPPERMINT and the Sugarcane Hand Sanitizer WATERMELON.

And now PhilOrganics is holding its mini giveaway for its valued customers at the PhilOrganics Facebook Fan Page.

The Prizes:

FIRST Prize: 24-hour face care pack. Retail value P379!

2nd Prize: Soft & Smooth Face Pack, Retail Value - P289!

3rd Prize: Handy Purse Pack, Retail Value @ P179!


Giveaway Deadline: June 27, 2010