Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blog Review: One Day At A Time

Rache The Blogger

Blog Owner: Rachelle

One Day at a Time is one of Rachelle's seven cool public blogs. As the slogan says, it is "just about anything", her memes, musings, random thoughts and a lot, lot more. This is really an inspiring personal blog for me. I really love her "girls talk" blog posts. Through Girl Talker, I get to know more about the bloggers. I just love browsing through their favorite food, book, activity, etc. Rachelle's blog posts are short but really entertaining.

But I wonder how she maintains her "seven" blogs which includes her online teaching portfolio, photography blog, technology blog, travel, e-business, family oriented blog and of course her mixed blog, One Day at a Time. I think she's really busy online. And like me, she also loves joining contests and giveaways and if you want to join blog contests, you can find international contests articles here in One Day At A Time.

Blog Trivia: She is in Saipan. It is my first time to see a blog coming from Saipan, hihi. I hope I can read more about Saipan in her blog.

Go to One Day at a Time to get inspiration from her random thoughts.

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