Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog Review: Home Buddies

Home Buddies

Instead of blog hoping and blog walking during your free time at home or at work, why not take it to a notch higher with reading Home Buddies. Check out this one of the many mixed blog sites in the blogosphere, Home Buddies, as this site gathers and combines categories about blogging, blog advertising, blog contest, health, food, parenthood, product reviews and a lot more. It is a one-stop blog indeed.

Actually, it is my second time to review this blog. The first time was when I joined My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf's anniversary contest. I really enjoyed browsing Home Buddies but it is my first time to read Fedhz's "About" page. Here is what enlightened me and inspired me to read her articles more:

Mike, my boyfriend and best friend coined the title of this blog. I guess he really meant, home bodies (he’s not that good in spelling LOL). Anyway, still we are your home buddies, trying to earn money at home and doing much everything at home.

We’re pretty much at home – watching movies at home, working out at home, and earning money at home. I wish I will be able to share my experiences and somehow you will learn from them.
Aren't they sweet?

This blog is supposed to be a niche blog where I should write reviews of online and offline revenue gigs that I am into. But I thought since this is (which is my nick), I will just make it my personal blog. So what you will find here is mostly about how I see the world, my interests, struggles into keeping fit while being a mother of a hyper tot, and of course, how I am able to earn amidst all these stuff in my hands.
Wow!!! Isn't she great?

Go ahead and browse Fedhz's and Mike's blog now. You will surely love to be their Home Buddies!


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