Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blog Review: My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf

My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf

For one year, www.bambiesturf.com fuses every woman's guide to life, love, reviews, contest and more. No need to search for more. You'll get the help and entertainment you need at this one handy blog for gals and even for guys.

I have subscribed to her blog for two months now, but even before that I have already been reading her memes. I am a witness to her template change from a complicated template to a simpler one. Whatever templates she has, they are still cute on her blog. I also remember that this blog was theroaditravelon.blogspot.com before and now she has her own domain name.

This purple-ish blog has received a lot of awards from other amazing bloggers in the blogosphere, and I just read her post that she has reached 100+ followers. Yey! Congrats! And I'm really proud of this blog 'cause she is also from Las Pinas. I am also from Las Pinas...

And aside from My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf, I also subscribed to her "I am a Princess... All girls are" blog which is also informative.

Guys and girls, check My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf now to be inspired by her beautiful and awesome blog posts!!!

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