Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blog & Get It #1 - Earthlingorgeous Giveaway

Two items I want from Earth's Giveaways:

When I saw the giveaway list, I said to myself that I really want the "Blogging from Home book". I just started my new blog "Chic & Cheaps" and I really want to learn more about blogging. I know it's not an easy thing.

Another thing that I want is the Eastwood City gift pack. I'm really wondering what's inside the bag, but I know for sure that those are really cool items.


I'm thinking of going back to Maharlika Day Care Center in Mt. Tapusi, Montalban, Rizal and help during their summer class for at least one day. Maybe we can have some storytelling, do some arts and crafts and have merienda with them. It's really nice because I have to pass by a mountain and a river in order to get there.

I'm helping other people and at the same time having fun travel.

This is my entry to


earthlingorgeous said...

wow what nice plans for the summer! :)

heartlocks19 said...

yes, ms. earth... i wish some bloggers could do this also... have an adventure trip and at the same time have a helping hand

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