Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Seven SHOEs of My Gustatory Adventure

Food tripping is the game. These foods really made me happy, but there's a catch, guys! Every food resto that I went to, I always learn a sweet story...

How can I forget these little ice creams of Thumbs Up.

Lesson learned while eating this palate cleanser:
Big things come in small packages.

My first time to eat frozen yogurt...

Lesson learned:
Life is not always sweet.

Postres del Cielo - a box of polvoron with a twist of flavors

Lesson that I got while munching on it:
Life is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you're gonna get.

My very own Corned Tuna Pizza

One thing I learn...
I know how to cook easy meals pala. And the good thing is I push through one of my resolutions this year, learn how to cook.

Yin Yang Cupcake

Lesson I have think of:
There's always a positive and a negative side that balances everything, but I'm more on the positive side...

30-inch Pizza Niro

Moral lesson:
This picture was taken during the despedida party of our supervisor. We will still miss her even though she was so strict to us when she was with the management. She is not that bad pala... Sayang we don't have more time to be with her.

Under the Sea Cake and Cupcakes

Lesson learned:
Life is beautiful. Save our seas, save Mother Earth. Don't wait for the time that we can only see this creatures on paper, on replicas and on cakes...

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