Tuesday, February 23, 2010

YUGATECH CONTEST ENTRY 1: They use Paper, I use Shirt!

"I’m looking for the best shot — the most creative, most difficult, most crowded that will draw the biggest impact."
This is a quote from Yugatech.com for his Giveaway Round #2: Gimme your best shot!

Best shot doesn't mean you have to have the best camera to give your best shot, most difficult doesn't mean you have to do death defying stunts, most crowded does not mean you'll just have a bunch of people. What if they don't use Twitter? But at least they would come to know that the word and world of Twitter exist in our world. The real aim of the game is to let a lot of people know about @abeolandres and @talk2globe, right guys?

I don't have the best shot. I don't have the most difficult pose. I did not get enough crowd. But for the creativity, this is my best shot!

Instead of putting it on bond paper, cartolina, Manila paper or tarpaulin, I thought of putting the message on a BLACK SHIRT! Gosh, I got two weeks before I can think of it.

With the help of Transfer It at SM Mall of Asia, I got my shirt in process. A lot of people also wants to make their "Design-Your-Own" shirts. I'm first on the line and waiting for me to finish my shirt, so I know that they can follow what I want to say on my shirt. I heard some of the guys saying, "What's that? Follow @abe -- what?" And the others would say, "abeolandres, ano ka ba?!" Haha, funny. Good for me because one machine was only operating and they really have to wait for me to finish. I'm also glad that the crew are so patient because I really have a lot of letters to put on my shirt. I got them to also memorize my theme on my shirt, WOW!

Here's our drafting part. (Parang Puzzle, GOSH!) No characters for the "@" sign. What we did is get the small letter "a" of their Elegant-style font and some curved letters on the Elegant-style font like capital letter "C" to make that "@" sign. Can you imagine? We put the letter "a" inside the letter "C". Got it?

Now, to the heat-press part...

And the finish product... TADA!


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