Friday, February 5, 2010

A "Beary, Berry" Sweet Date

A "Beary, Berry" Sweet Date (The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt-like DREAM Date)

On this heartfelt holiday, cupids draw back their arrows and let it go. That's why "cheesy" people think of sweet somethings for their love ones in this day of hearts.

Let's start the cheesy moments! As I entered a shining car, I saw a big teddy on the driver's seat holding a bouquet of tulips with a twist. Bouquet with a twist? Yes, you read it right because the person who gave it to me added some "little bears on sticks" on the dozen of blooms.

After an hour of ride, The White Hat at SM Mall of Asia is the place where we arrived. A reserved table for me and my "mine" on the side. And I can't believe what I see before my very eyes, two big bears seem to have a dinner. I also saw a heart-shaped spaghetti on the table, sparkling wine with berries in it and two cups of The White Hat Italian frozen yogurt topped with strawberries, mochi and granola. And there's a note which says, "Pay the Bill." What? Pay the bill? Okay, fine. And as the White Hat crew handed me the receipt, another note is what I see, "Here's your surprise. Look at the side and a lot of more cuddly bears and White Hat cups are coming your way"

And a guy enters from behind, his face covered with furry bears, throws them and shouts, "Surprise!" And more White Hat crews are holding White Hat cups with strawberries shaped like hearts. Well, well, well, that's my "mine"!

And we have been "beary, berry" happy ever after' THE END!


the donG said...

Hi Ann, im not sure if you already knew that you were chosen to join us for the Binondo Food Wok. Let me know if you're joining as I'll be sending in the details.


heartlocks19 said...

wow, thanks a lot!!! another food tour...

lighthouse said...
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lighthouse said...

Wow what a fun surprise! I'm also a BIG fan of The White Hat! :)

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