Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Animetric's Anniversary Giveaway - VNC Shoes

Before your blog was just a baby,
and now it has turned to its second anniversary.

It's so nice of you to give freebies
to your readers who follow you through the years.

To you, Rowena Wendy and your bloggy,
Happy Second Blogiversary!!!

And for your 24th blog monthsary,
I wish I could have the VNC
because I haven't worn any:

V - ogue
C - hic pair of shoes

V - ery
N - ice
C - heery pair of shoes

V - amp
C - omfortable pair of shoes

V - ibrant
C - lassy pair of shoes


Ladies and gents, you can also get the chance to choose one of her giveaways and win it, just follow her link:


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