Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lighthouse Lights Glisten

Whew, Selecting a jump-off point for a vacation escapade in the Philippines is not as easy as ABC, 1,2,3 or Do Re Mi. Resort hotel websites and travel brochures are a big help, but what is more important is your idea of a perfect beach paradise getaway.

A beach far from the madding crowd, a blend of mountains and blue water, have sand and sea sports, food fresh-off the fishermen's nets, cool sea winds, spa and massages, deluxe accommodations and friendly beach people are the few points to consider.

"And one place has it all, Lighthouse Marina Beach Resort. They offer an affordable package and still can enjoy and experience the Lighthouse like never before," the travel agents recommend.

Now that we've found our one-stop hotel resort, pack your bags and start the ride to escape stresses of life, appreciate the biodiversed nature and relax with our loved ones.

Lighthouse Marina is really the place for sun lovers, sun bathers, nature seekers and water explorers. Name everything that may satisfy your beach vacation and they have it.

*Question No. 2: What do you think is the best feature of a resort hotel that makes a vacation very luxurious, and why?

The Lighthouse Marina Resort showcased something different and that is their functioning lighthouse for which they are known for. Hotels should give their clients something extradordinary, not just extraordinary hotel motifs and features, but excellent customer service which will make clients' out of town hotel experience a luxurious and memorable one.


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