Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shen's Addiction Kotex Luxe Giveaway!

Here's my "no compromise" story...

Recession came to our family when I started college, so my dad wants me to stop for a sem and then work first. I don't want to sacrifice my studies. That's why I got a job by day and study at night. I didn't compromise my time for my family 'cause I make sure that I managed my time in a good way. I didn't have problems with health also.

I'm happy because I did became successful in both and that situation made me stronger! No need to compromise, just have the courage and perseverance and you will also have great results in life.


Through this experience,
I have shown that I didn't give up my career and my will to finish my education. And of course, I didn't compromise my relationship with my family spcecially with my dad in this situation.

Now, if you have your own "no compromise" story and have list of things that you don't compromise in your life, then share it now and get a chance to win Kotex pack from Shen's Addiction's contest.


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