Monday, January 25, 2010

Freshened Up by Minute Maid

Saturday is really a busy day for me. It's the time for house clean up and also a day to spend with my little kiddie cute kapitbahays.

Kalat dito, kalat doon. I clean up, they mess up.. So the best thing to do is to bond with the little angels as they play and refresh with fruit juices like Minute Maid Pulpy Orange.

And after long hourse of playing, they also get tired and fell asleep. Once that happens, it's time for me to gear up with my walis tambo, dust pan and trash can and clean the house.

Haaayyy! That was so tiring. But just one 330 mL bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange can drive the stress away.

Oh! But wait a minute, malamig na Minute. I'm not yet done with my chores. The grocery list is waiting. It's time to buy supplies for the coming week to keep the power up.

Always fuel up with Minute Maid to fight exhaustion, stress and life's hassles.

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zoan said...

hello,i'll follow you :) hope you'll follow me too :) and hey, i hope you'll win the contest :)

heartlocks19 said...

thank you very much zoan! Sure, I will...

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