Sunday, January 24, 2010

Real Leaf Kiddie Tea ParTEA!

I hosted a little tea party/lutu-lutuan/bahay-bahayan, whatever you call it, for Jelo and Tep-Tep at my house. They were really happy as it was our first time to play that game...

Jelo keeps on pouring his Real Leaf Green Tea (Honey Apple) on his cup. He didn't even notice it's almost full.

Siguro iniisip nya "Ang sarap naman nito. Ano kayang tawag dito? (hahaha)

Ay! Wala na... Hey little boy, ubos na 'yan. Bili na lang tayo ulit.

Wow, and babait! Ngayon lang sila hindi naglikot and that's because of REAL LEAF! I will surely host another TEA parTEA for them once they visit us again. I really love to see their smiles.


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