Sunday, January 17, 2010

Run Minute Maid, Run!

Last December, our company, Datamed, joined the BF Pasko Fun Run at The Village Sports Club, BF Homes Paranque City. Wow, it's my first time to attend this kind of health and benefit event. I really have no practice run before doing it, but I did stretching. As I see the finish line, I really feel that my feet are going to gave up. Haha, but it's good that I've finished it. That was me in blue aiming for the finish line.

This is our team!

After the awarding ceremonies, picture taking, sharing stories and experiences with my colleagues about the run, it's time to go home.

When I got home, I opened my gym bag and grab my Minute Maid! Not anymore cold, but still refreshing as there's a lot of pulpy bits going inside my mouth.

It's a good thing my friend got me a picture after the run drinking this Minute Maid at our house.

Until my next run!


Fjordan Allego said...

wow! Minute Maid naman dito.. hehehe! ayos!

heartlocks19 said...

Yes, i'll be joining another run, the Condura Run next month...

But this photo was really "CIA"... i'm glad my friend took that photo.. my contest plang darating ang

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