Monday, December 7, 2009

Yesnomeh's Giveaway!!!

This is my entry to YesNoMeh's Giveaway!

What is my favorite beauty ritual?

For my face:
I wash my face with warm water, use moisturizers, wear light make up and use make up removal creams to remove it, and I do not rub my face.

For my body:
I soothe my skin not only with lotion but with sunblock.

For my feet:
I put petroleum jelly on my feet, put my socks on and leave it overnight while I'm asleep. This is to keep your feet feeling smooth and no need to go for a foot spa.

And the secret... I know these are obvious but really effective. And I know these regimens take a long, long time results, but the results are really nice...

a. Eat fruits and vegetables especially the ones rich in vitamin E.
b. Keep drinking water to keep rehydrated.
c. Good hours of sleep and rest.
d. Keep the stress levels down.
e. Take a bath everyday. It is our natural way of getting rid of dry skin cells.

Why is grooming important?

For me, grooming is really part of an intelligent lifestyle and it is part of having a good hygiene. And why is it important? Haha, what if you bumped into your crush and hindi ka neatly groomed? Haha, wa-poise and wa-points ka dear!!!

Hey, guys and gals, do you also want to join YesNoMeh's Giveaway? Yes, you read it right. Guys can also join.

Giveaway Entry Method for YesNoMeh's Giveaway:

Step 1: Write a blog entry answering one or both of these two easy questions:

1. What is your favorite beauty ritual? -- if you want to win Gift Pack A
2. Why is grooming important? -- if you want to win Gift Pack B

(Yes, you can have a chance to win both gift packs if you answer both questions.)

Step 2: Include a link to anywhere in your blog entry.

Step 3: Post the link to your blog entry in their comment section.

The deadline for entries is December 9, 2009 and is open to anyone with a Philippine address. The winners will be chosen by

What you can win?

Gift Pack A is comprised of the following HBC ALLUE beauty products:
1) ALLUE Beauty Book (contains Lip Creme, Pressed Powder and Cheek Blush-- all in shades of pink)
2) ALLUE Flower Lip Gloss Pen Set (contains 3 mouthwatering flavors!),
3) ALLUE Fruity Lip Balm Delight (in strawberry)
4) ALLUE Glam Rock Lip Performance Crayon (shade 04)
5) ALLUE shimmer blush gel (shade 01), and...
6) ALLUE Lip Conditioner (in berry).


Gift Pack B is comprised of the following HBC OHM men's care products:
1) OHM Cologne Spray in 'Velocity' (50ml)
2) OHM Cologne Spray in 'Power' (50ml)
3) OHM Hair Gel-o in 'Inigo' (100g)
4) OHM Body Soap in 'Kinetic'
5) OHM Body Soap in 'Heat'

So, hurry! I'm really sorry for posting late. December 9, 2009 is the deadline!!!


Lizz said...

Haha, thanks for joining, dear! And yes, total wa-poise if you bump into your crush while badly groomed. XD

heartlocks19 said...

I should be the one thanking you. I'm really trying to write a "real blog" now because of your contests... Thanks, dear!!!

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