Friday, July 2, 2010

My Thoughts on Ganda Ever So Much Plus Contest

Ganda Ever So Much!

Ganda - Ganda ng blog na ito sobra! I just recently saw this blog on I was searching for a certain blog and it lead me to At first, I thought that it is owned by a fashion blogger, hahaha, I was wrong, "beauty" blogger pala ang may-ari ng blog na ito. Beauty inside and out. And then... sabi ko pa sa sarili ko, "Ganda Ever pero bakit frog?" Yun pala the frog signifies "dreams came true, dreams coming true and dreams will come true".

Ever - Forever and ever akong babalik dito kasi... kakaiba ang mga topics, walang nose bleed, hindi monotonous ang mga blog posts and the pictures are really good. Even though you can't read the articles, the pictures will tell a lot. Higit sa lahat, nawawala problema ko. Lalo na kapag nabasa niyo ito mga madlang people.

So - So what are you waiting for? Head on to now para ma-experience niyo rin kung gaano ka-ganda ever ang mga blog posts. GESM is also holding a contest right now for its blog anniversary.

So what else can I say?

Much - Much, much blessings and much love for GESM! More nakakalokang posts! Happy Blog Anniversary!!!


orman said...

whew! napa-smile ako ah! thanks for the kind words!!!

Ann said...

thank you orman. i won, yes! thanks...

i really love your blog (",)

orman said...

Don't forget about our party tomorrow night, August 7, 2010 at Dome One of Le Jardin Arnevels! See you at 6:30 in the evening! Come as you are!

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